Words from Founder

A beautiful experience

like you never had before...

Each of us has a story to tell. So when it comes to a company there will be a lot of stories. And who doesn't like to listen to stories?

one day there was a...

oh oh oh no-no. Here's the story in a nutshell,

have you ever left a shop without buying anything because they said you're too small or too big for this? We have. So we know how it feels when you can't experience something like others because some people ignore us like we never existed. We all have been through this. That is why we are trying to keep maximum size and also provide customization if you need a bigger or smaller size.

We are young entrepreneurs who are trying to make a change in society. We want to make people believe in entrepreneurs, they are more than money makers. We believe in the policy " we rise by lifting others". We are focused on rural artisans and bringing their talent to the outer world. There are many artisans in every segment. but the number of talents who went unnoticed will be thousands of times bigger than those numbers.

It would be a lie if we say we don't; want profit. we do. But what we believe is we don't have to exploit people to make money. You just have to meet their needs. Entrepreneurship is more than a money-making process. When there are plenty of readymade options, we prefer rural talents because we can touch many lives.

Our mission is to provide quality products to everyone at affordable prices. The term luxury should not be something that holds you back from what you want. You deserve the best just like everyone else. 

 We promise to try our best to fill the stock with all the options. We are a small team trying our best to bring a change in the industry and we run it by our policy, which is to provide the best service and products. Bumcart is the final output of a bunch of aspiring entrepreneurs who believe business is making money, but that's not the only thing.

  We are not compelling you to buy from us. We all spend our hard-earned money on the things we want. We deserve to get the quality for the money we spent. Try us once, if you regret it, you can say goodbye to us. But if you are satisfied, we would love to have you on our journey. We may have to stumble on our path, but we will sell anyone out to buy our future. We are not just talking about the customers, but the unnoticed talents who look for opportunities to express their talent. We are here for you.

Come, together lets' make this a better place to live. Write your tale with us. That's all about the journey of Bumcart at the time. 

  So what's your story?

Sachin Bhardwaj
Founder :- Bumcart - Wixcart